New Residence Tax Refund

The term tax refund refers to a reimbursement made to a taxpayer for any excess amount paid in taxes to the federal or state government.

New Residence Tax Refund

Where a UAE National owns or acquires land in the UAE on which they construct his / her own residence, he / she shall be entitled to request FTA to refund the VAT on the expenses incurred on the construction of the residence, Refund request shall be submitted within 12 months from date of completion certificate.

Al Arish Tax Consultancy will assist you to recover the maximum amount of Input VAT paid as your refund file will be analyzed under the supervision of tax experts to save time and effort.

Al Arish Tax Consultancy assists all its clients in all matters related to taxes, including submitting requests for refunding the value-added tax imposed on newly constructed residences, after 12 months have passed since the residence has been occupied.

The company is also working to ensure the permissibility of submitting a request for a citizen's housing tax refund and verifying the eligible expenses for a tax refund.