Value added tax

It is a consumption tax that the UAE Government imposes on each stage of supply as a part of the country's strategy to improve the economy and development. 

Al Arish Tax Consultancy has extensive experience in the field of local and international taxes. We develop strategies to solve all tax related issues and help companies to register mandatory or Voluntary for VAT purposes.

1- Registration for VAT

There are two types of registration for VAT which are determined based on the volume of taxable supplies:

Mandatory registration: - 

If your business generates Taxable Supplies of more than AED 375,000 in the last 12 month or expected to exceed within the next 30 days then it is mandatory to register for VAT.


Voluntary registration-:

Where any activity can register for VAT voluntarily, but the minimum limit of Taxable Supplies or Taxable Expenses for voluntary registration must be AED 187,500 in the last 12 month or expected to reach this threshold within the next 30 days the authority shall register a business with effect from the first day of the month following the month in which the application is made.


Al Arish Tax Consultancy will help you to register for VAT in the United Arab Emirates through:


  • Assessing the eligibility to register for VAT
  • Register for VAT, whether as a sole establishment company, limited liability, or as a tax group
  • Assistance with timely registration to avoid penalties resulting from late registration

2- De-registration of VAT

Any taxable person can De-register VAT registration in two cases:

  • If the taxable supplies did not exceed the Voluntary registration limit in the Last 12 months and are not expected to exceed this limit within the next 30 days.
  • If the business stops making taxable supplies.

For this reason, Al Arish Tax Consultancy reviews taxable supplies and ensures the company's eligibility to continue registration for value-added tax or not, in order to avoid Late De-registration penalties.

 3- Refund of the value-added tax

A Taxable person can submit a tax refund request in case if he has a tax credit balance or if the taxable Expenses is more than the taxable supplies.

Also the tax credit balance can be used to settle future tax liabilities.

Al Arish Tax Consultancy will assist you to review the documents and checking the eligibility for submitting the tax refund to avoid tax refund rejection.

4- Submitting and reviewing VAT returns

The tax return must be submitted quarterly (every 3 months) or it can be submitted monthly in special cases.

Al Arish Tax Consultancy provides all assistance to clients in submitting tax returns and reviewing all documents to ensure that the tax return is submitted in a timely manner to avoid administrative Penalties resulting from delay in submitting the tax return.

Mosque tax refund

The Donor Shall have the right to request a refund of Input tax incurred on the construction or the operation of the mosque based on cabinet decision No. 82 of 2022 Issued 16 August 2022.

Al Arish Tax Consultancy provides all assistance to donors to recover the Input tax incurred on construction / operation of the mosque.