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About Us

Al Arish Tax Consultancy provides a huge range of services in the field of taxation and innovative solutions in the management of tax business.

We specialize in all tax consultations that companies are subject to, and we undertake to handle all tax matters and provide all necessary solutions to ensure the progress of work, under the supervision of distinguished Tax expertise and an excellent work team in achieving all business needs.

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We combine our technical expertise, market knowledge and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to help our clients succeed in the global and local marketplace.

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Value added tax

It is a consumption tax that the UAE Government imposes on each stage of supply as a part of the country's strategy to improve the economy and development. 

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New Residence Tax Refund

The term tax refund refers to a reimbursement made to a taxpayer for any excess amount paid in taxes to the federal or state government.

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Corporate tax

It is a form of direct tax imposed on net income or business profit that the UAE will start applying to companies starting in 2023.